2016 RX Season Finale and the GP

The 2016 RX Season Finale at Croft never fails to entertain. its normally comprises of the final round of the MSA British Rallycross Chasmpionship and on the Sunday the British Rallycross Grand Prix.

Believe me it never fails to entertain! There are nearly always championships to be decided, which makes the Saturday very intense and the Sunday pretty relaxed! As usual I’m not writing any kind of race report here instead here are a few of my favourites from the British 2016 RX Season Finale on the Saturday.

2016 RX Season Finale

It was Ollie O’Donovan who took the honours after a hard fought event

2016 RX Season Finale

Kevin Procter seemed to be in the wars most of the day

I don’t often do the ‘motorsport landscape’ thing, probably because as a press snapper its outside my comfort zone I’ll leave that approach to the guys over at McKlien as thats what they do well. But just to prove a point heres one of Liam Doran ripping it up on the loose section

2016 RX Season Finale

The crowd was in awe of Liam Doran and clearly glad to see him back behind a wheel and driving in the UK after being able to file a driving complaint.

So the rest of Saturday

MSA British Rallycross Championship Round 8 2016. Croftl Circuit (c) MATT BRISTOW | Rubber Duck Does RallyX PhotographyMSA British Rallycross Championship Round 8 2016. Croftl Circuit (c) MATT BRISTOW | Rubber Duck Does Automotive Photography

Release the horses!

So then onto the the Grand Prix. Normally my client duties are a bit more relaxed as its the last outing of the year and its a ‘one off’ event and because of that as usual its all out Rallycross!!

2016 RX Season Finale

Liam Doran’s  all out attack earned him the 2016 Grand Prix win

First thing to note about this years Grand Prix was that the weather was changeable

2016 RX Season Finale

Wet, very wet! and so, so bright!

In fact so much rain and so much sunlight that rainbows were inevitable. I didn’t even realise that I had caught Gary Simpon with a rainbow seemingly coming out of his car until I came to edit the shot!

2016 RX Season Finale

Gary Simpson clearly has a pot of gold under the bonnet!

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