British RX at Sunny Croft – Round 3, 2018

British RX at Sunny Croft. Croft and sunny aren’t often used in the same sentence by me, or anyone that I have heard! However, the 2018 calender saw the first of two visits over the May Day Bank Holiday. I have to admit it was a little strange heading north to a sunny (I actually got sun burnt!) and green Croft. It almost made it feel slightly alpinesque! For a full race report head over to and for championship standings head to Here I will just post a few of my favorite pictures.

British RX at Sunny Croft

Tight and close racing, just how we like it

This will obviously be the round that will be remembered for the huge shunt Julian Godfrey had. In true form I was in the wrong place, but if you want to see some awesome frames taken by my good friend Trev Coulson click here.  I have heard that they are going to rebuilt it for the next round, fairplay! The was another pretty impressive roll that day by Frankie Helliwell in the BMW Minis, for that one I was in the right place!

British RX at Sunny Croft

Frankie Helliwell clipped a tyre stack and rolled

Here are a few more:

Like I said it looked a bit non Croft like!

British RX at Sunny Croft

You could be in the foothills of Austria

Hopefully we will have matching weather for the double header at Pembrey next month

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