British RX – Torrential Rain at Croft for Round 6

The 2018 British Rallycross season is shaping up to be a truly memorable one. Not just the epic racing but in 6 rounds we have experienced every weather condition! There was snow at Silverstone for round 1, blazing sunshine at Pembrey for rounds 4 and 5 and torrential Rain at Croft for Round 6!

Here are just a few of my favorites:

Torrential Rain at Croft for Round 6

Christian Hainsworth leads the pack into a very wet first corner

Photographers moan about the weather, its part of what we do! but sticking it out in the rain does come with its rewards.

Torrential Rain at Croft for Round 6

David Bell, is he driving or captaining a boat?

There are a load more so just get in touch if you want any pictures.

It has to be said they are a hardy bunch in Yorkshire sitting out all day in the pouring rain, but I do wonder just how much the chap on the right can actually see!

Not much deters the hardy Yorkshire crowd

In closing there are few thing that go to cheer you up when its been raining all day your second set of waterproofs are starting to leak. This however lands on the side of disturbing! Ladies and Gentleman I give you Kev Hutch!

Torrential Rain at Croft for Round 6

Pass the mind bleach

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