BritishRX Pembrey Double Header in Glorious Sunshine

The BritishRX Pembrey double header. What is not to like rallycross in Wales on the hottest weekend of the year. The memory of last years double header at Pembrey was nearly sub-aqua! As any rallycross fan knows with the nice sunny weather comes dust. It was very dusty.

I was looking forward to seeing what the newly redeveloped track was going to be like. I must admit I liked it. Yes, as a photographer I had to work a little harder to get what I wanted.  A little challenge every now and then is a good thing. However, one thing is certain the new layout is far superior for fans watching the on track action.

As usual this is just a collection of my favourite pictures from over the weekend. Its not a reflection on the results or the racing. If you want to read a race report head over to or for full results and championship standings head to the championship website.

BritishRX Pembrey Double Header

Ollie O’Donovan on his way to a clean sweep in Wales

For the second round in a row I was in the right place at the right time. I managed to catch a roll, this time it was Chris Scott.

BritishRX Pembrey Double Header

Chris Scotts’ roll may have looked spectacular he got out quickly and was unhurt. They got the car looking good and out again for the Sunday.

Here’s a selection of other action from over the weekend:

Must say that this fan had the right idea, major props to him for not only going to the trouble of a nice leather armchair and parasol but also a decent set of steps to get to it.

BritishRX Pembrey Double Header

Professional Rallycross spectators

Not everyday you see Nick Grist having a chat with Albatec Racings Andy Scott.

BritishRX Pembrey Double Header

Andy Scott and Nicky Grist pictures at Pembrey Race Circuit

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