Rallycross at Lydden BRX Round 2 – on a sunny Easter, 2019 just keeps getting better and better

Easter at Lydden Hill has become synonymous with Rallycross over the years and this year was no exception. This is just my own ramblings if your after results or a serious report go to either www.rallycrossbrx.com or www.thecheckeredflag.co.uk

It had all the ingredients great racing, loads of sunshine and a massive crowd. I read somewhere that someone had called it ‘Classic Lydden’ and I for one am not going to disagree.

First and foremost I just want to go on record to say that Lydden Hill has never looked so good and I have been going there for a long time! Heck it makes my job easier when the location looks that great!

OK, OK, OK everyone by now has seen this shot of Liam Doran I took:

Rallycross at Lydden
Liam Doran fastest lap in a retro!

I could probably do a post devoted to just this so here’s a few more of my favorites:

Now thats out of the way we can continue. But, and here is the thing, Rallycross is so much more than supercars. There I have said it! But come on yes supercars are fast, but there is nothing like laps of door to door racing where everything is on an even keel. Anyway enough of my rant here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day.

However, just have to say that even though he now leads the British Championship Derek Tohill knows how to abuse a car! and in the process win!!

Rallycross at Lydden
Derek Tohill treating Molly, erm badly!

I could do this post without touching on Nikita Abramov’s spectalular roll, which I am pleased to say he walked away from, mainly thanks to the response teams on-hand who did a awesome job. Shortly before this a marshal did walk by and say ‘oh f***! now your here we will get busy!’ sorry Chris!

Rallycross at Lydden
Spectacular Swift roll

So to round off, my favorite shot from the day which I have posted on social media already, but have to state I was having a good day and it worked and I didn’t fall over (I nearly did Trev!)

Rallycross at Lydden
Slow, hand held and clearly showing off!

Just realised that I forgot to do one of these for round 1! so for continuity I guess I’ll be doing that sometime soon

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