BRX Round 6 Pembrey – British Championship 2015

BRX Round 6 Pembrey. So as usual here are a few of my favourites from round 6 of the British Rallycross Championship. Which was held at Pembrey race Circuit in Wales. I know I haven’t posted any from Rounds 4 and 5 at Modello Park yet! I’ll get to that! more of a report can be read over at The Checkered Flag. For now here they are, I make no excuse I was in a ‘panny’ mood all day!

BRX Round 6 Pembrey

Swift Rallycross front runner Tristan Ovenden

So here are a few more from the sunny but very dusty day.

So to quickly finish off here is a marmite frame. It verges on the landscape motorsport category which seems to get everyone excited these days. I’m not 100% convinced. I guess if the subject demands the kind of treatment then why not.

BRX Round 6 Pembrey

Andy Scott on his way to second place

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