Champions crowned at Silverstone

So that’s the 2018 season done and dusted. The Champions crowned at Silverstone.

It was probably the closest championship I can remember as it all went down to the finals for more than one class. All I can say is what a fantastic season! Great racing all year long and a new circuit. Listen up, I’m going to go out on a limb and just say that I like the Silverstone circuit! There I have said it! It was a fitting venue for the seasons climax. Of course the circuit is dominated by the jump, so I make no apologies for lots of pictures of it!

Champions crowned at Silverstone

Albatecs Mark Higgins takes the jump on his way to securing the overall title

It was great to see a couple of returning young drivers Ollie Bennett and Dan Rooke both looking fast and eager, sadly both were hobbled one way or another, abeit Ollies was a little more fiery!

Champions crowned at Silverstone

Ollie Bennett’s Fiesta had a small fire which saw his day end prematurely

So anyway, this as always isn’t going to be a race report, if you want that head over to Its all about the pictures so here are a few of my favourite ones.

My favorite shot of the day I think is this one. Mr Hainsworth take a bow for the best line I saw all day long.

Champions crowned at Silverstone

Christian Hainsworth takes the perfect line.

So I’m thinking that I might revive the British Rallycross Annual. Its been a few years and this year I have lots of great content. What do people think? add a comment below to let me know.

All images are copyright to me and must not be downloaded and used in anyway without my express permission, if your not sure get in touch with me to check. All that remains is for me to thank all my clients for their business this year and hopefully see you all back again in 2019.

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