Clubmans rallycross its been a few years

So the BTRDA clubmans rallycross championship made its return to Lydden Hill. After an absence of at least 5 years. Unusually I have a spare Saturday and Lydden is basically like going to the shops for me! So what else am I going to do? 6 to 10 car grids made for some great racing.

At rallycross meetings I am normally running around getting pictures that my clients want and I dont have much time to stop and catch my breath. It was nice to have the opportunity to ease up a bit and try a few new things.

BTRDA clubmans rallycross

I even found time to mess around in ther trees

There was a bewildering variety of cars across all the clubmans rallycross classes. I think Kenneth Kristiansen and his iconic Volvo from Norway. Yep a 20 hour drive!

Clubmans rallycross

Theres something about a Rallycross Volvo 240

This isn’t a race report its just a collection of a few of my favorites from a chilled rallycross event. Here are just a few of my favorites from the event.

However, there is a much larger gallery here where you can purchase a download for personal use or order variety of prints. Get in touch if you need any help.

I also saw something I have never, ever seen before in 10 years covering rallycross. Trevor Beavan was not content with his attempt at a pass on the joker lap he thought giving it a go on the exit jump would be a good idea!

Clubmans rallycross

Got to hand it to Trevor Bevan I wouldn’t have the balls to try that there


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