FIA WorldRX Round 4 2015

So the dust settles on the FIA WorldRX round 4 2015 for another year. Pictures have been sent off to publications and are more than likely being printed onto newsprint and soon to be on a shelf at your local newsagents. Here are a few of my favourites from the weekend that may or may not make it into print.

FIA WorldRX round 4 2015

JRM’s Guy Wilks looked impressive all weekend even in an under powered car!

FIA WorldRX round 4 2015

It just wasn’t British Bombs weekend as he suffered drawback after drawback

Petter Solberg finished the first day on the top of the pile clearly the man to beat. Day 2 dawned with everything to gain and the prospect of some epic racing. The only thing was that nobody told Solberg! He was in a class all of his own.

FIA WorldRX round 4 2015

Event winner Peter Solberg. FIA World Rallycross. Round 4 Motorsport News Rallycross of Great Britain.

Championship hopeful Mattias Ekstrom was also on top form and claimed second place.

FIA WorldRX round 4 2015

Mattias Ekstrom took the second step on the podium.

The win clearly meant a lot to Solberg.

FIA WorldRX of Great Britain 2015

Petter Solberg reflects on his win


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