Margate Beachcross 2014

Margate Beachcross 2014 – So I covered my first Beachcross at the beginning of March, hopefully it wont be my last!

I was actually covering it as part of a press job for a paper, but since its technically motorsport I thought I would put it here.

It was held over the weekend of 8th and 9th of March and is heralded as the QRA Margate International Beachcross. Basically a motorcross course is constricted on the main sands at Margate and then its ridden hard for two days! couple this with unseasonably sunny weather and you have the ingredients for a fantastic event.

The format was split into Quads and Solos. Then further into Pro and Amateur classes. With a mixed class for juniors as well

Margate Beachcross 2014

Margate Beachcross 2014

 The nature of the racing is that pretty much the course changes with every race, as its not re-graded at all. There was also a strong French entry so racing was fierce and action packed all over 12 or so laps of the course.

In the solos French rider¬†Arnaud Degousee was in predictably flawless form in one race on the Sunday actually lapping the rest of the entire field! Apparently he hasn’t been beaten on sand for nearly 4 years!

French rider - Arnaud Degousee

Frenchman – Arnaud Degousee

The action is so fast and furious that stood in the middle on more than one occassion felt dizzy!

I my unwitting tradition of only covering dirty motorsport. Beachcross is definitely one I’ll be adding to my list.

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