Stop Press – No Rain at Pembrey for BRX round 8

That’s right you read it correctly, No rain at Pembrey Circuit for round 8 of the MSA British Rallycross Championship. So off I went for the second time this year. The circuit had changed slightly since my last visit back in June for rounds 4 and 5 the first corner had changed. As usual, here you will find a few of my favorites. If your after a race report head over to for that.

It didn’t rain during the day, but it did rain overnight so the first half of the day the track conditions were wet and slippery.

No Rain at Pembrey

The Biggest water splash prize went to Jack Thorne.

There was great racing, and I cant remember another round where there were no Red flags and as far as I could tell no jump starts!

No Rain at Pembrey

It was Spencer Sports Julian Godfrey that took the Supercar honours.

Here are a few more in no particular order: All images here and elsewhere are subject to copywrite and cannot be downloaded or used without my express permission. They are, however available to purchase. Get in touch if you have any questions, an enquiry or request.

Retro offered up some epic racing over the day.

No Rain at Pembrey

Retros Paul Easterbrook in action off the startline.

Finally as a dad myself I could totally understand Dave Bellerbys elation as he stood in the spotters area while his daughters raced, especially Drews ‘driver of the day’ drive in the BMW mini final.

No Rain at Pembrey

A very chuffed dad moment for Dave Bellerby

And so onto Silverstone where champions in every class will be decided!

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