Silverstone Rallycross the Inaugural Meeting

The inaugral Silverstone Rallycross meeting was Round 1 of the MSA British Rallycross Championship 2018. It was clearly always going to be a dress rehearsal for the upcoming Speedmachine British World RX meeting in a couple of months, and that is all I am going to say about it!

If you want a race report head over to here I am just going to show a few of my favorite frames from the day. Which was quite possibly the coldest I have ever been covering rallycross and possibly any other sport for that matter! I heard afterwards that with the windchill it was minus 7!

Silverstone Rallycross

EKSRX’s Andreas Bakkerud hits the Silverstone jump in a snow storm

Apologies for the jump overload images, its quite a big jump and there is not much else feature wise!

Silverstone Rallycross

Sebastian Loeb on his way to winning the inaugral Silverstone RX event

Here are a few more

Kevin Procter will probably want to forget this landing!

Kevin Procter takes a heavy landing

And finally one last picture of a flying Peugeot, just because I can!

Red Bull gives you wings? fair play Mr Loeb!

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