TitansRX – European Rallycross Returns to Lydden Hill

Its been a few years since Lydden Hill has hosted a full European rallycross event. So with the inaugral TitansRX season headed there for rounds 3 and 4 where else would I be?

TitansRX - European Rallycross Returns to Lydden Hill
Andrew Jordan proves he is still more than a match when it comes to rallycross

Its a totally new concept all the cars are the same underneath the shell. All are built by MJP Racing and named the PanteraRX6. There’s a load more information here I’m not going to write chapter and verse about the cars right now, suffice to say they are loud and spit fire! I’m sold!

Held over two days and experienced both torrential rain and sunshine the racing was just bang on. Its not everyday that a former F1 driver tries to kill you! suffice to say Nelson Piquet Jr couldn’t see a thing at the time!

Nelson Piquet JR finds the wet conditions a tricky challenge


The rain proved an interesting addition as shortly afterwards Timmy Hansen did the same thing and managed to save it! The spoils went to Toomas Heikkinen ahead of a star studded field that included Perry McCarthy (Original Stig), Abbie Eaton (Kind of new Stig, but we aren’t really allowed to say that!), Oliver Webb and Dan Rooke

Always like a bit of a caption competition (there is no prize I’m just interested) and here is one:

“Bruv I’m telling you the line on the right is the one” “Nope! definitely left Bruv”

Round 4 – Sunday

Fortunately Sunday saw an up-turn in the weather but the racing remained simply epic. Not only the main event TitansRX but also in the support classes. Retro Rallycross featured and as usual didn’t disappoint.

Belgian driver Jos Sterkens and his stunning Mk1 Escort

The other support class was made of of Super cars featuring the cream of the British Championship as well as the addition of WRX driver Ollie Bennett and ERX driver Rene Munnich.

WRX regular Ollie Bennett 100% committed

The day however, belonged to a Hansen. It was Kevin Hansen that looked invincible all day long and was rewarded with the overall victory. Very fitting as it was Lydden Hill where he drove his first rallycross event. I remember it well as was there to capture it. It was a complete joy to witness his obvious elation.

To the victor the spoils, Kevin Hansen celebrates his victory.

A couple of things in closing. It would be right if I didn’t include a token Liam Doran driving Rosie picture with flames. This time however he did make it difficult for me!

TitansRX - European Rallycross Returns to Lydden Hill
Liam Doran behind the wheel if a fire spitting RS affectionately known as ‘Rosie’

So if anybody actually reads this far the only thing I want to close with it that TitansRX delivers on many, many fronts and I for one want to see it succeed so much so I am trying to work out how to get some clients so that I can cover the rest of the series!

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