Rallycross on Easter Monday at Lydden Hill – 2018

Rallycross on Easter Monday, at the home of Rallycross, Lydden Hill with a bumper entry. Surely its a no brainer!  The weather went from wet to dry to torrential!

After editing 100’s of pictures supplying over 25 clients with pictures and writing a few words its all done! What follows are a few of my favorites in no particular order or preference. If you want a race report head over to www.thecheckeredflag.co.uk

Rallycross on Easter Monday

Albatec’s Mark Higgins sealed his maiden RX victory

Look who was back, and I must say he has lost nothing, sadly mechanical problems ended his day. Welcome back Liam.

Rallycross on Easter Monday

Liam Doran made his return to competitive competition

The other thing I wanted to achieve was not to shoot the ‘normal’ looking stuff. I wanted to give my clients something that gave a slightly different angle.

Now when it rains at Lydden and your a photographer there are certain puddles that appear, I managed to forget this and got a slight soaking, however my good friend Trev Coulson was stood in the same place 5 minutes later and got totally soaked full in the lens. yes I am bad I laughed my socks off, sorry Trev.

Rallycross on Easter Monday

Note to self: dont stand on paddock bend when it rains at Lydden!

Round 3 is in May and the first visit to Croft for this year. For the first time I can remember I’m going to croft in hopefully warm weather!

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